The Colorado Legislature Closed Friday. Here Are The Bills That ...

CAP is working hard to maintain the right to practice as Registered Psychotherapists in Colorado. We want our clients to have consumer choice in the selection of their mental health professional.

Unfortunately, in this time of crisis and anxiety about our future, other mental health professionals are asking the Legislature to reduce the number of mental health professionals in Colorado by eliminating over 3800 Registered Psychotherapists from the Mental Health Professions Sunset legislation, House Bill HB20-1206. CAP has hired a lobbyist and CAP members are doing what they can to inform legislators of the professional mental health services offered by Registered Psychotherapists. We will be sending out additional information so please watch your email!

2 thoughts on “Legislative Update

  1. Eliza Shiffman says:

    Hi there,
    I would love to see an update on this asap! Following the recent announcement that the amendment changing ‘registered psychotherapist’ to ‘unlicensed psychotherapist’ and barring new registrants has passed through the state legislature, I am anxiously wondering how this will affect my ability to attract clients as well as the future/longevity of the option to practice at all without traditional licensure. Any guidance on how exactly this legislation may affect RPs would be much appreciated!!

  2. Bill Moorcroft says:

    Do we now have to identify ourselves as “Unlicensed Psychotherapist” replacing “Registered Psychotherapist” on all our documents, websites, emails, and so forth? (Well, as soon has gov. Polis signs it.)

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