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The Colorado Association of Psychotherapists(CAP) formed in 1992 to promote the professional growth and development among Unlicensed Psychotherapists. CAP has consistently worked to protect the right of all mental health professionals to practice psychotherapy. CAP supports public access to mental health professionals with legislative representation, education programs, networking opportunities,  and promotional tools for individual practices.



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Legislative Representation

Legislative representation is a core CAP commitment to maintaining the right of Unlicensed Psychotherapists to practice psychotherapy. CAP is a voice for Unlicensed Psychotherapists to the Colorado state legislature and the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA.) CAP works with legislators who are interested in mental health and works to keep them informed about the relevant issues and the many dimensions of psychotherapy.

CAP partners often with other associations and groups to address legislative issues relevant to mental health. CAP has supported legislation jointly with Mental Health Colorado, DORA Mental Health Task Force, Colorado Mental Health Professionals Association, and other associations representing various mental health professionals. Members are updated regularly about the ongoing legislative and regulatory dialogue.


Event Calendar

Event Calendar

CAP hosts meetings with educational speakers for members and interested parties. Also, CAP members offer special events of interest to the mental health community in Colorado. Check out our calendar and find an event near you!



CAP offers members educational services to promote professional development. CAP hosts monthly and annual events that showcase expert speakers to help members become better therapists and business people. Topics are timely and relevant, including psychological theory, psychotherapeutic techniques, alternative modalities, business best practices, use of technology/social media, and legislative updates. Educational webinars are also available to members. CAP’s Board Members can help members with supervision, registration, certification, and licensure.





Operating a private practice can leave a therapist feeling somewhat isolated. CAP events offer networking opportunities with fellow professionals for referrals, knowledge exchange, and socializing with our peers. We are a fun and supportive group of people.


Donate to support CAP’s lobbying effort supporting the right for Unlicensed Psychotherapists to practice in Colorado.


Finding new clients is challenging for many psychotherapists. CAP helps members promote their services to potential clients through the “Find A Therapist” service. Member profiles showcase each therapist’s unique specialties, services, and business details. Members can add images and a short, introductory video to further personalize their service. CAP actively promotes the membership directory to people searching for mental health services. Prospects can search the directory by location, specialty, and service.

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Carol O’Dowd, Past President

Carol introduces the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists.