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Sex Education for Mental Health Professionals


SEX EDUCATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS Presenter: Debbie Marielle Elzea, Embodied Intimacy and Sexuality Coach for Women (and the partners who love them….) DebbieLoveCoach@gmail.com Female sexual pleasure can be complex, a learned skill, an art and a science, so if your client’s sex life is a source of disappointment and frustration, she is neither alone […]

Symbol Alchemy: A Dynamic Therapeutic Modality


SYMBOL ALCHEMY  a dynamic therapeutic modality for transformative times  by Jane Seaton PhD March 19th, 2021 Developed from origins in Jungian sand-tray therapy, Symbol Alchemy uses ordinary objects to explore a wide range of psychotherapeutic issues. This presentation will specifically focus on using the process of Symbol Alchemy related to our world’s current collective unknowns […]