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Ramona Christine
Address: 225 Union Blvd.
Suite 150
Lakewood, CO 80228
First Name: Ramona
Middle Name: Christine
Last Name: Soriano
Suffix: MDiv, CLC, CACI
Gender: Female
Title: Psychotherapist
Specialties: Trauma, Domestic Abuse, Addiction, Life Coach, Self-esteem, Grief & Loss
Degree(s): Master of Divinity, Bachelor of Psychology
Certifications: Pastoral Care & Counseling, Life Coach
Additional Training: Trauma, Life Coach, Pastoral Care
Issues: Spirituality, depression, trauma, loss
Types of Therapy: client-centered
Therapeutic Situation: Individual
Age: Adolescents (14 to 19), Adults
Sexuality: Bisexual, Gay, Heterosexual, Lesbian, Transgender
Language: English
Religious Orientation: Metaphysical, Christian, Catholic, Pagan, Wicca, Native American, Buddhist, Science of Mind
Business Website:
Business Phone: 720-328-4074
Business Fax: 720-381-0390
Other Phone: 888-267-8493
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Short Business Description: In a world of busy(ness), finding or making time for self-care remained on the “to do” list. It was brief moments stopped at a traffic light and dark and silent moments lying awake that helped me to realize that caring for one’s self does not have to be penciled in. Every moment of silence and every moment of thought was “My” time. The challenge then was to be more mindful of my thoughts and my presence. How was I fully activating those power tools to care for myself? How many of those moments was I encouraging myself, empowering myself, or accepting myself? It’s all too easy at times to criticize our being and wallow in our regrets. As a Licensed Therapist and Spiritual Care Professional, my philosophy is grounded in a theme of “Self-care” and motivated by empathy and compassion. My services include work as a Therapist, Life Coach, or Spiritual Care Professional. A free 15-minute consultation will support us in deciding which methodology would best serve you.
Long Business Description:

Although very closely related in style, technique, and mission, there are significant differences between a Life Coach, a Therapist, and Spiritual Care. Working with a Life Coach offers you the freedom to design your own goals with a pathway to accomplish those goals and accountability. A Therapist offers the same benefit; however, in a more formal style working with very specific events such as: Trauma, Domestic Violence, Substance Use, Depression, Grief, etc. A therapy session takes advantage of clinically proven methodologies of care that address those very specific needs. My therapy areas of specialty are listed in the profile. A Spiritual Care setting provides space for conversations relating to core beliefs and values which are often rooted in some spiritual or religious beliefs even if they are not currently relevant or applicable.
Our core beliefs and worldviews have been influenced in some way through our family dynamics, culture, upbringing, education, and community. Until we really talk about it, we may not realize just how embedded these influences are in our everyday even after re-defining for ourselves some new way of thinking and believing. The primary differences between each of these methods of care are technical and formal; however, each methodology offers practices and self-work that best serve your specific needs. What they all have in common is an ethical standard to serve your overall well-being.

Sliding Scale: Yes
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, ACH
Accepts Insurance: No