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Springs New Hope LLC
Address: 10960 W 65th Way
Arvada, Colorado 80004
First Name: Scott
Middle Name: F
Last Name: Olds
Suffix: RP, HST
Gender: Male
Title: Registered Psychotherapist, Treasurer: Colorado Association of Psychotherapists
Specialties: Marriage Counseling, Relationship Therapy, Highly Sensitive Person Counseling (HSP), Chronic Illness Counseling, Anxiety Counseling, Depression Counseling, Grief Counseling
Certifications: Pairs Level 1 Instructor
Additional Training: Highly Sensitive Therapist, Death and the Art of Dying-Boulder Shambala Center, Coping with Grief, Understanding & Supporting Under-Recognized Grief-Harold Ivan Smith, The New Science of Love-Susan M Johnson, Helping Grieving Children and Teens-Rob Zucker
Issues: Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Illness, Relationship Issues, High Sensitivity, Grief
Types of Therapy: HSP, Somatic Therapy, Active Listening, PAIRS Couples Counseling, Talk Therapy
Therapeutic Situation: Couple, Individual
Age: Adults, Elders (65+)
Sexuality: Bisexual, Gay, Heterosexual, Lesbian
Business Email: scott@springsnewhope.com
Business Phone: 303-817-8369
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: I provide counseling for couples and individuals experiencing issues with their relationships, family, a chronic illness, or high sensitivity.
Long Business Description:
Counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. I offer couples counseling and talk therapy for anxiety, depression, or trauma to regain your emotional balance. My specialties include working with the highly sensitive person as well as those experiencing grief and loss. For couples, I use PAIRS counseling techniques to help build a stronger relationship between partners. If you or a loved one are experiencing a chronic illness, counseling can help. Contact me for a free phone consultation. Low-cost counseling is also available through the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective.
Training: Denver Family Institute, American Academy of bereavement, CMI, and the Shambhala Center Boulder on subjects including grief counseling, crisis, and trauma, grieving children and teens, and relationships after a loss. I am a Registered Psychotherapist in the state of Colorado and a PAIRS Level 1 Certified Trainer for couples.
Board member/Treasurer: Colorado Association of Psychotherapists. Past member: Jeffco Family Support Network; Colorado Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health; and Jefferson County, Mental Health Court, Advisory Board. Worked with the ALS Association, Judi's House (family support for grief and loss), and the Brain Injury Association of Colorado.
Video Counseling: Doxyme
Sliding Scale: Yes
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card
Accepts Insurance: Out of network provider
Denver Tobacco Clinic
Address: 1017 South Gaylord St
Denver, CO 80209
First Name: Frank
Last Name: Oden
Suffix: TTS, NLP, CH
Gender: Male
Title: Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS), Certified Hypnotherapist (CH)
Specialties: Addictions/Recovery, Coaching, Counseling, Creativity, Existential Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Transitions, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Other Specialty, Smoking Cessation
Certifications: Tobacco Treatment Specialist - ATTUD Certified Hypnotherapist - NGH NLP Master Trainer - NFNLP
Business Email: frank@hypnosmoke.com
Business Website: http://www.hypnosmoke.com
Business Phone: (303) 246-0354
Other Phone: 303 246-0354
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Clinical Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Certified Hypnotherapist and former 30-year heavy smoker Frank Oden provides private coaching, corporate programs and public “HypNoSmoke” seminars. Kicking butts in Denver since 2005!
Long Business Description:

The Denver Tobacco Clinic - home of the original HypNoSmoke method - offers a full range of nicotine and THC cessation counseling modalities. Combining the "mental potential" of Neurolinguistics (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Motivational Interviewing with Cognitive/Behavioral techniques and evidence-based Clinical Tobacco Treatment strategies, Frank Oden has created an innovative multi-modal approach -- a uniquely flexible toolkit of best practices from every field.

With a 30 year past as a heavy tobacco and marijuana smoker, 13 years as a stop-smoking clinician and hypnotherapist, a 40 year career in public speaking, 15,000 clinical hours coaching individual smokers and over 100 public seminars, Denver psychotherapist, tobacco cessation expert and NLP master trainer Frank Oden combines Neuro-Linguistic persuasion skills with proven cognitive behavioral techniques in a compelling interpersonal process that has guided thousands of former nicotine and THC users to rapid and lasting success.

As clinician, speaker, author and coach, Oden is a skilled communicator of the true nature of smoking, the intricacies of "the smoker mindset," principles of positive psychology and stoic / existential philosophy, and the role of intentional language constructs in self-directed behavior change.

Let Your Life Shine: Radiant Living~Luminous Dying®
Address: PO Box 230
Boulder, Colorado 80306
First Name: Dominie
Last Name: Cappadonna
Suffix: Ph.D., CT
Gender: Female
Title: Psychotherapist, Ecopsychologist, Mentor, Educator
Specialties: Bereavement, Coaching, Counseling, Death and Dying, Grief Counseling, Life Transitions, Medical/Whole Health Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Shamanic Journeys, Spiritual Counseling, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Jungian Therapy/Analysis, Other Specialty, Inner Child Therapy
Degree(s): Ph.D. Transpersonal Psychology & Ecopsychology 1976-present
Certifications: Internationally Certified Thanatologist (Dying Death Bereavement)2011
Additional Training: Attachment Theory & Practice Diamond Approach 1992-present Transpersonal and Medical Hypnotherapy 1995-present Hospice Trained 1995-present Healing Touch 1995-present
Business Email: dominie@truenature.net
Business Phone: 303-499-1325
Other Phone: 303-499-1325
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Together we explore positive ways to encourage fearless befriending of your thoughts, feelings, sensations by addressing issues such as setbacks, doubts, fears, depression, sickness, death and other potentially uncomfortable experiences.
Long Business Description:

Providing respectful listening and inquiry, secure support, skillful practices and seasoned guidance along the adult lifespan as millennials, at midlife and as elders in both living and dying.

It is my privilege to support you as you engage yourself and your world more skillfully. Our work together can help you reveal your indelible connection with your “secret undamaged Self,” your True Nature, leading to balance, resilience, post-traumatic growth and transformative activity as you master:

BEING PRESENT and RESPONSIVE to what Life asks of you

GAINING CONFIDENCE in your steadfast knowing; being true in your expression and voicing your calling

LEADING by heart and RESTING in the wisdom of your intuitive knowing

SOURCING your own sustainable lifestyle and aligning yourself in principled work and play

BUILDING resilience in being with cyclic setbacks, illness, small deaths and big deaths with self, our human family and the natural world

BEFRIENDING and ACKNOWLEDGING habits, beliefs, and fixations as they naturally transform with awareness and discerning processes. Thus furthering compassionate action with your self, others and in the collective commons

Join me in exploring your aspirations and challenges through Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Mentoring, EcoTherapy, Seminars & Trainings such as "One Year to Live", "Befriending Small Deaths-Big Deaths" and more.
I invite you to look at my website for more information, bio and current offerings. www.Dominiecappadonna.com

Offering sessions in Person, via Skype/Face Time and Phone

Video Counseling: Skype and phone
Soaring Hope Recovery
Address: 41250 Alford ROAD
sImla, Colorado 80825
First Name: Judith
Last Name: Miller
Gender: Female
Title: Addiction - Neural-Nutritional Therapies
Specialties: Addictions/Recovery, Anger Management, Anxiety Disorders, Bereavement, Better Sleep, Child & Adolescent Therapy, Counseling, Couples/Relationships Therapy, Domestic Violence Treatment, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Family Counseling/Therapy, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Therapy, Insomnia, Jungian Therapy/Analysis, Life Transitions, Medical/Whole Health Hypnotherapy, Men's Work, Neuro Linguistic Programming, OCD and Related Disorders, Pain Management, Panic Attacks, Past Life & Regression Therapy, Phobias, Polarity Therapy, Psychotherapy, Sexual Abuse Treatment, Smoking Cessation, Spiritual Counseling, Stress Management, Trauma Release Therapy, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Treatment of Eating Disorders, Yoga Therapy
Degree(s): MS, Child Development and Family Relations Ph.D., Human Development & Family Relations and Community and Human Resources
Licensure(s): Reistered Psychotherapists Certfied Addiction Counselor III
Certifications: Advanced Training in Low Energy Neuroback Systems Ross Trauma Model
Additional Training: EMDR EFT
Business Phone: 7195414912
Business Fax: 719-426-9883
Other Phone: 7195414912
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Addiction - Neurofedback
Long Business Description:

Science Based Modalities for Sustainable Addiction Recover. 14 years am founder and director

Video Counseling: 18375 Spruce Road, Monument, CO 80132
Address: 80 Garden Center, Suite 133
First Name: Susan
Last Name: Lennox
Suffix: PhD, CPC, JD
Gender: Female
Title: Certified Professional Coach & Registered Psychotherapist
Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Body Centered Psychotherapy, Coaching, Existential Therapy, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Inner Child Therapy, Life Transitions, Other Specialty, Psychotherapy, Stress Management, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias
Degree(s): PhD, Human Development MA, Organizational Development Juris Doctorate (JD), Law BA, Sociology
Certifications: Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Certified Focusing Professional
Additional Training: Internal Family Systems, Levels I & II Focusing Certifying Coordinator ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)
Business Email: susan@susanlennox.com
Business Website: https://susanlennox.com
Business Phone: 617-957-0798
Other Phone: 617-957-0798
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: I offer coaching and psychotherapy approaches to help you move forward. My primary modalities are Focusing and Internal Family Systems.
Long Business Description:

Are you stuck? Can't seem to get clear on your next steps in life or maintain your motivation and momentum to achieve your goals? Are you overwhelmed by mountains of conflicting demands, leaving you unfocused, exhausted, frustrated, and depressed? Do indecision, fear, and doubt paralyze you? Perhaps you sense that old patterns of behavior, thought and feelings block your way. You fear you just don't have what it takes to have the balanced and fulfilling professional and personal life you long for. This can change. You deserve to be the best YOU you can be. I can help.

I offer coaching and psychotherapy approaches to help you move forward. Coaching enables you to articulate your authentic professional and life goals and develop a realistic and motivating plan of action to carry you forward. Targeted psychotherapy can uncover and address the hidden obstacles to your fulfillment and success.

I offer a subspecialty in workplace issues. Drawing on my training and experience in executive coaching, organizational development and employment law, I can help you to work through organizational and workplace challenges. I also help individuals who are burned out or dissatisfied with their current job to find more fulfilling career paths forward.

Video Counseling: Zoom for Telehealth, phone
Hypnotherapy Center for Positive Change
Address: 1112 Oakridge Dr. #104-232
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525
First Name: Mary
Last Name: Vallei
Gender: Female
Title: Hypnosis
Specialties: Hypnotherapy, Couples/Relationships Therapy, Death and Dying, Grief Counseling, Stress Management, Anxiety Disorders, Chronic Pain Control, Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Degree(s): BA English Literature; Secondary Education
Licensure(s): CO Registered Psychotherapist
Certifications: International Association of Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy; International Association of counselors and Therapists; American Council of Hypnotist Examiners; Colorado School of Counseling Hypnotherapy
Additional Training: National Center for Nonprofit Boards
Business Email: mmvhypno@yahoo.com
Business Phone: 970-443-7788
Other Phone: 970-443-7788
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Hypnosis for Adulta and Children
Long Business Description:

Working with Adults, Adolescents, and Childrenin a multi-state practice, including CO, NM, MI, Washington States. Specilaizing in immediate care hypnotherapy; anxiety, stress, fear, phobiasrelief;health and wellness; realizing goals;

Heart & Mind
Address: po box 1924
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
First Name: Dilma "Gigi"
Last Name: Turner
Suffix: PSY D
Gender: Female
Title: Therapist
Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Better Sleep, Body Centered Psychotherapy, Coaching, Counseling, Couples/Relationships Therapy, Existential Therapy, Family Counseling/Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Insomnia, Life Transitions, Other Specialty, Psychotherapy, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Mediation
Degree(s): Doctor in Clinical Psychology
Licensure(s): NLC.0013887
Business Email: ggpsyd@gmail.com
Business Phone: 719-464-3444
Other Phone: 719--464-3444
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: I AM HERE TO LISTEN, TO UNDERSTAND where YOU have been, where you are, and where you want to go, and to SUPPORT YOUR JOURNEY.
Long Business Description:

The greater awareness, the greater the acceptance of the self.
I focus on a holistic therapy approach that is integrative and grounded in the relationship between the spirit, mind and body. I believe that the most important approach in helping and healing is to start by understanding and addressing the issues in all aspect of one’s live.

Cedarwood Counseling
Address: 950 Logan St. Suite 202
Denver, CO 80203
First Name: David
Last Name: Wolken
Suffix: A.B.D., M.Sc., B.A.
Gender: Male
Title: Doctoral researcher; counselor
Specialties: Anger Management, Anxiety Disorders, Bereavement, Better Sleep, Body Centered Psychotherapy, Coaching, Counseling, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Existential Therapy, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Highly Sensitive People (HSP), Mediation, Men's Work, Other Specialty, Panic Attacks, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, Transpersonal Psychology
Degree(s): Ph.D. Candidate - neurophilosophy and embodied mind M.Sc. - Philosophy of Education M.A. (coursework) - Philosophy of Religion B.A. - Psychology
Additional Training: Trained advocate for sexual assault support center
Business Phone: 720-432-4153
Other Phone: 720-432-4153
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Holistic, integrative, experiential counseling.
Long Business Description:

At Cedarwood Counseling, I provide a space in which clients can explore how to live a fully integrated life. My practice utilizes an experiential method and draws pragmatically from a variety of theoretical approaches including person-centered therapy, integrative therapy, embodied cognitive science, and transpersonal psychology. My doctoral research develops the notion of "embodied mind," which understands mind to extend far beyond brain activity and include the entirety of the unique, dynamic complexity of a person's life situation.

My practice is also grounded in a non-pathologizing approach. That is, I find little use for diagnosing individuals with clinical pathologies, illnesses, or disorders. Rather than locating distress within the individual as if it is the individual that is somehow internally defective, I understand one's experiences (good, bad, and everything in between) as the product of a variety of complex personal, interpersonal, social, and structural dynamics. I help clients as they confront such dynamics and learn to work from within their situation to create the life experience they most authentically desire.

Free Mind Well-Being
Address: 2305 E Arapahoe Road #123
Centennial, Colorado 80121
First Name: Jennifer
Last Name: Hansen
Gender: Female
Title: Psychotherapist, Clinical hypnotherapist, Registered yoga teacher. State certified K-12
Specialties: Other Specialty, Reiki, Spiritual Counseling, Stress Management, Yoga Therapy, Smoking Cessation, Spirit Releasement Therapy, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Addictions/Recovery, Bereavement, Cellular Healing, Hypnotherapy, Life Transitions, Medical/Whole Health Hypnotherapy, Pain Management, Past Life & Regression Therapy, Psychotherapy, Sexual Abuse Treatment, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Weight Loss, Death and Dying, Shamanic Journeys, Better Sleep, Chronic Pain Control, Grief Counseling, Insomnia, Treatment of Eating Disorders, Anger Management, Anxiety Disorders, Child & Adolescent Therapy, Cults/Occult, Domestic Violence Treatment, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Inner Child Therapy, Jungian Therapy/Analysis, Men's Work, OCD and Related Disorders, Panic Attacks, Phobias
Degree(s): Ba Ed
Certifications: CCHt RYT
Additional Training: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, NLP, dreamwork and various shamanic training.
Business Phone: 3038420307
Other Phone: 3038420307
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: I work with clients in individual and group setting, through yoga, guided meditation and hypnotherapy. I am located on a lovely property with water, paths and men views.
Long Business Description:

I work with anxiety, esteem issues, negative thinking, stress release and management. I use psycho-education to teach healthy practices in lifestyle that will impact the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional realms.

Address: 2149 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909
First Name: Dallas
Last Name: Shepard
Gender: Female
Title: Harmonized Brain Centers
Specialties: Anger Management, Anxiety Disorders, Bereavement, Better Sleep, Coaching, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Highly Sensitive People (HSP), Panic Attacks, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias
Degree(s): BS Economics and Fiance
Licensure(s): Registered Psychotherapist
Certifications: LENS Foundation Training LENS Advanced Training
Additional Training: INSR training Have completed over 15,000 sessions to date with offices in Colorado Springs, CO, Denver, CO, and Nashville, TN
Business Phone: 719-661-6422
Business Fax: 719-213-2011
Other Phone: 7196616422
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: We use an integrated approach to help our clients achieve their optimal brain function. LENS Neurofeedback is our primary therapy to improve our clients.
Long Business Description:

At the Harmonized Brain Centers we have a passion to help people maximize the efficiency of their uniquely and divinely created brain by using an integrated approach by using the most cutting edge and common sense methods. Our staff and owners not only have extensive knowledge in dealing with neurological issues but we also have personal experience in helping our family members, friends and clients improve.