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Address: PO Box 38434
Colorado Springs, CO 80937
First Name: Susan
Middle Name: Smith
Last Name: Hykes
Gender: Female
Title: Spiritual Director
Specialties: spiritual direction, trauma, dissociation
Degree(s): BA
Licensure(s): unlicensed
Therapeutic Situation: Individual
Age: Adults
Sexuality: Gay, Heterosexual
Language: English
Religious Orientation: Christian
Business Email:
Business Phone: 719-632-3022
Business Fax: 719-227-9260
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Spiritual Director and Consultant. Former Psychotherapist with 31 years experience with trauma and dissociative disorders.
Sliding Scale: Yes
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Paypal
Accepts Insurance: No
Kate Kendrick
Address: 635 Gooseberry Drive, Unit 1506
Longmont, CO 80503
First Name: Kate
Last Name: Kendrick
Gender: Female
Title: Psychotherapist
Specialties: Body Centered Psychotherapy, Counseling, Couples/Relationships Therapy, Other Specialty, Psychotherapy, Sexual Abuse Treatment, Spiritual Counseling, Anxiety Disorders, Conflict Resolution, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Gestalt Therapy, Grief Counseling, Life Transitions, Transpersonal Psychology, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Bereavement, Existential Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, Mediation, Stress Management
Degree(s): MA Spiritual Psychology
Certifications: Registered Psychotherapist
Additional Training: Nonviolent Communication Inner Relationship Focusing Focusing Applied Existential Psychotherapy
Business Email:
Business Website:
Business Phone: 303 4859428
Other Phone: 303 4859428
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: I provide psychotherapy and relationship counseling for those who are yearning to feel more comfortable in their own skin or those who hope to find or maintain a genuinely fulfilling, mutually respectful relationship.
Long Business Description:

I believe we all have a core self or soul that is not necessarily expressed or manifest. I also believe we have the capacity to awaken to our soul and fulfill its journey. When we access this core self, healing power is released that moves us towards ever greater well-being and wholeness. We feel more alive, more present, and filled with a deeper sense of meaning. We also experience the connection between ourselves and the people around us.

I have found, in myself and in others, that the way to connect with our core self is to listen fully to all parts of ourselves with curiosity, unconditional acceptance and presence. I have also discovered that we can create authentic, fulfilling relationships with others only when we have a relationship with our core self.

My approach as a psychotherapist is to honor the soul of each person and support them in accessing the innate wisdom, aliveness and healing power that this self contains. I do this through deep empathic listening, gentle guidance, intuition and by using methods from Nonviolent Communication™, Spiritual Psychology and Inner Relationship Focusing.

More Intimacy
Address: 604 Cove Dr
Loveland, CO 80537
First Name: Debbie
Middle Name: Marielle
Last Name: Elzea
Gender: Female
Title: Somatic Sex and Intimacy Educator and Coach
Specialties: Female sexuality, pleasure and worthiness, using somatic and embodied methods
Degree(s): BA, JD
Licensure(s): Colorado
Types of Therapy: Somatic, CBT, Life and Relationship Coaching
Therapeutic Situation: Couple, Group, Individual
Age: Adults
Sexuality: Bisexual, Heterosexual
Business Website:
Business Phone: 7208997304
Other Phone: 7208997304
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: I help women with sexual challenges and dysfunction such as low desire and libido, low satisfaction and orgasm, or pain. My program is based on Six Things Women Need for Pleasurable, Connected Love and Sex Lives: Knowledge, Worthiness, Time, Embodiment, Creativity and if she has a partner, Connection.
Video Counseling: Zoom and telephone
Sliding Scale: Yes
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, Paypal
Accepts Insurance: No
Address: 2149 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
First Name: Dallas
Last Name: Shepard
Gender: Male
Title: Registered Psychotherapist
Specialties: Traumatic Brain Injury, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Autism
Degree(s): BS Economics and Finance
Licensure(s): Registered Psychotherapist
Certifications: LENS Foundation Training, LENS Advanced Training
Additional Training: INSR training Have completed over 20,000 sessions to date with offices in Colorado Springs, CO, Denver, CO, and Nashville, TN
Types of Therapy: LENS Neurofeedback, Nutrigenomics, PEMF Therapy, Psychotherapy Education
Therapeutic Situation: Individual
Age: Toddlers / Preschoolers (0 to 6), Children (7 to 10), Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13), Adolescents (14 to 19), Adults, Elders (65+)
Language: English
Business Phone: 719-661-6422
Business Fax: 719-213-2011
Other Phone: 719-661-6422
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: We specialize in LENS Neurofeedback to help the electrical efficiency in the brain and we also us nutirgenomics to flip the genetic code to reduce oxidative stress and increase mitochondrial health.
Long Business Description:

At the Harmonized Brain Centers we have a passion to help people maximize the efficiency of their uniquely and divinely created brain by using an integrated approach by using the most cutting edge and common sense methods. Our staff and owners not only have extensive knowledge in dealing with neurological issues but we also have personal experience in helping our family members, friends and clients achieve their best brain ever.

Sliding Scale: Yes
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card
Accepts Insurance: No
Address: 15456 Red Deer Dr
Morrison, CO 80465
First Name: Ashley
Last Name: Goldie
Gender: Female
Title: Unlicensed Psychotherapist
Specialties: Addiction, trauma, anxiety
Degree(s): Student
Licensure(s): Unlicensed Psychotherapist
Types of Therapy: CBT, Auriculotherapy, Biofeedback
Sexuality: Bisexual, Gay, Heterosexual, Lesbian, Transgender
Language: English
Religious Orientation: Christian
Business Email:
Business Phone: 3039577813
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: N/A
Sliding Scale: Yes
Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Card, Health Savings Account
Accepts Insurance: No
Address: 1140 Lehigh
Boulder, CO 80305
First Name: Betty
Last Name: Cannon
Gender: Female
Specialties: Body Centered Psychotherapy, Counseling, Gestalt Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, Other Specialty, Psychotherapy
Business Email:
Business Phone: (303) 494-0393
Business Fax: (303) 494-0393
Other Phone: 303 494-0393
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Counseling
Prajna Healing Arts
Address: 7895 Alkire Street, Building A
Arvada, Colorado 80005
First Name: Carol
Last Name: O’Dowd
Suffix: M.Div.
Gender: Female
Title: Registered Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Instructor, Spiritual Counselor, Existential Therapist
Specialties: Anxiety, Trauma, Life Transitions, Death and Dying, Grief, Life Transitions, Loss, Bereavement,
Degree(s): MPA, M.Div.
Certifications: Methods of Japanese Psychology, Mindfulness Instructor, Kyoshi (ordained Buddhist Priest)
Additional Training: Applied Existential Psychology, Clinical Pastoral Education, Group Counseling, Clinical Pastoral Education, Marriage and Family Therapy, Addiction Counseling, Horticultural Therapy
Issues: anxiety, trauma, anger management, spirituality, depression, grief and loss,
Types of Therapy: I use mindfulness based therapies as a Certified Mindulness Instructor as well as Applied Existential Psychotherapy, Japanese methods of Psychology and somatic techhniques that help my clients find freedom from destructive emotions to achieve their goals.
Therapeutic Situation: Group, Individual
Age: Adults, Elders (65+)
Business Phone: 720-244-2299
Other Phone: 720-244-2299
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Mindfulness based practice using Eastern and Western techniques for finding peace in midst of axiety, trauma, and loss. Share awareness practices for being open to connecting fully with life using all the senses.
Long Business Description:

As a Registered Psychotherapist and a Certified Mindfuless Instructor, she helps clients re-engage with life fully and with joy. She uses mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, Applied Existential Psychotherapy, methods of Japanese Psychology, Naikan and Morita, along with somatic techniques. She helps clients explore practices for relieving stress and anxiety as wel as deal effectively with trauma, stress and destructive emotions.

Sliding Scale: Yes
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card
The Clarity Group
Address: 7505 Village Square Drive Ste. 207
Castle Pines, Colorado 80108
First Name: John
Last Name: Zivojinovic
Suffix: PhD, RP
Gender: Male
Title: Psychotherapist
Specialties: Anger Management, Bereavement, Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Counseling, Couples/Relationships Therapy, Family Counseling/Therapy, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, Anxiety Disorders
Degree(s): Doctor of Philosophy – Conflict Analysis and Resolution
Certifications: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Additional Training: Pastoral Ministry for 30 years
Business Email:
Business Website:
Business Phone: 303-323-4722
Other Phone: 303-323-4722 705
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: I engage clients in a proactive way. I help clients engage and quickly find healthy solutions.
Long Business Description:

For over 30 years, John has assisted people on their journey toward change and transformation. He is a registered psychotherapist in the state of Colorado and has been licensed and ordained in pastoral ministry since 1985. Quick to smile, John is easy to relate to, and clients are comfortable with him.
John earned a B.A. in interdisciplinary studies from Liberty University and has an M.A. in Ministry from Moody Theological Seminary, as well as an M.A. in philosophy from the University of Denver. From Nova Southeastern University, he earned a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, with a focus on marital relationships. John regularly consults with business leaders and speaks at retreats, conferences, and churches.
John is the creator of the Integrative Marriage Alignment Process (IMAP). The IMAP integrates: research and therapeutic processes from attachment theory, forgiveness, shame resilience, cognitive-behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy and the Gottman method. This psycho-educational approach is solution-focused and thus intentionally engages couples in a process of transformation.
As a clinician, John specializes in anxiety, bereavement/grief, depression, coaching, forgiveness, individual counseling, marriage counseling, parenting issues, premarital counseling and spiritual formation & development.

Address: 1350 Otis Street
Lakewood, CO 80214
First Name: Janette
Middle Name: Ellen
Last Name: Borel
Gender: Female
Title: Psychotherapist
Specialties: Addiction
Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Human Services, Master of Arts in Communications
Certifications: CAC 1
Ethnicity: Lakewood
Business Phone: 303 522 0572
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: I have previously worked with veterans in group therapy for addiction, and with residents in a residential treatment home providing group therapy for developing Independent living skills.
Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Card
Stillness In Motion
Address: 560 Clover Lane
Boulder, CO 80303
First Name: Kim
Last Name: Haroche
Gender: Female
Title: Therapist
Specialties: Body Centered Psychotherapy, Coaching, Counseling, Couples/Relationships Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Death and Dying, Grief Counseling, Inner Child Therapy, Other Specialty, Polarity Therapy, Psychotherapy, Stress Management, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Bereavement, Better Sleep, Highly Sensitive People (HSP), Pain Management, Panic Attacks, Sexual Abuse Treatment
Business Email:
Business Phone: 303-499-9082
Other Phone: 303-499-9082
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: PACT therapy for couples, body centered psychotherapy and cranial sacral therapy for individuals.
Long Business Description:

PrivateTherapy Practice : Individuals and Couples. Couples PACT 2, body centered psychotherapy, trauma therapy, biodynamic cranial sacral therapy.