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Foundations Counseling LLC
Address: 1635 Foxtrail Drive
Loveland, CO 80538
First Name: Phillip
Last Name: Hartwick
Gender: Male
Title: Counselor
Specialties: Child & Adolescent Therapy, Counseling, Couples/Relationships Therapy, Family Counseling/Therapy, Sexual Abuse Treatment, Spiritual Counseling, Stress Management, Addictions/Recovery, Anxiety Disorders
Business Email: pwhartwick@gmail.com
Business Phone: 17206927339
Other Phone: 17206927339
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Marriage and Family Counseling
Long Business Description:

Counseling for teens, adults, individuals and couples from all walks of life.

Affiliated Therapists
Address: 24000 Hwy 40
Golden, CO 80401
First Name: Faith
Last Name: Donaldson
Gender: Female
Title: Psychotherapist
Specialties: Counseling, Couples/Relationships Therapy, Cults/Occult, Family Counseling/Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, Psychotherapy, Sexual Abuse Treatment, Spiritual Counseling
Business Email: faithatheart@hotmail.com
Business Phone: 303-643-8643
Business Fax: 303-526-1669
Other Phone: 303-526-5262
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Life is meant to be lived not endured; but often the circumstances of life can sidetrack us from this truth. Through the process of overcoming these obstacles a gateway opens that guides us back to the life we were created to live.
Long Business Description:

Affiliated Therapists

Right Use of Power Institute
Address: 1485 Sumac Ave
Boulder, CO 80304-0807
First Name: Cedar
Last Name: Barstow
Suffix: Many Realms
Gender: Female
Title: Psychotherapist, Teacher, Director, Consultant
Specialties: Body Centered Psychotherapy, Coaching, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology
Degree(s): Master of Education Doctor of Psychosocial Intervention
Licensure(s): Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado
Certifications: Certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer
Business Phone: 303-444-6835
Other Phone: 720-480-1342
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Private practice as a Certified Hakomi Therapist. Author, Founder, and Director of Right Use of Power Institute
Long Business Description:

I am a Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapist and have been both a Hakomi Therapist and Hakomi Trainer since 1989. I am also the author of a book and ethics program called, Right Use of Power: The Heart of Ethics. For more information about this innovativ

Points of Light LLC
Address: 1650 38th Street, Ste 100E
Boulder, CO 80301
First Name: Manohar
Last Name: Croke
Suffix: M.A.
Gender: Female
Title: Registered Psychotherapist
Specialties: Better Sleep, Cellular Healing, Coaching, Counseling, Life Transitions, Other Specialty, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, Stress Management, Transpersonal Psychology, Trauma Release Therapy, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias
Degree(s): Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology 2004
Certifications: Integrated Somatic Trauma Training, Sensorimotor Institute, Boulder, CO, 2000 Verbal Skills/Polarity Life Coach, Colorado School of Energy Studies, Boulder, CO 2016
Additional Training: Diplomate in Advanced Esogetic Colorpuncture & Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis, International Mandel Institute, 1997 (Ongoing update training 1989 - present) Diamond Approach,Diamondlogos International Academy, El Cerrito, CA, 1993 - present. Author of "Energy Psychology Using Light and Color," 2016
Business Phone: 530-362-6908
Other Phone: 530-362-6908
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Energy Psychology using Light & Color. Counseling and/or coaching combined with color acu-light therapies to relieve the impact of ongoing stress and trauma on the bodymind structures, restore healthy flow of life information/energy and deepen your c
Long Business Description:

I combine counseling and self-inquiry processes with light therapy, according to the individual needs of my clients. The light treatments help to access and clear cellular memory, relieve the impact that ongoing stress and trauma can have upon the systems of the bodymind (called the stress-disease continuum) and gently surface the subconscious information of inner guidance. As needed, I also incorporate somatic trauma resolution and mindfulness techniques.

Among other issues, I enjoy working with are:

* nervous system stress, shock and emotional reactivity
* the impact that toxic stress can have upon the immune system.
* surfacing and releasing the cellular memory imprints of early trauma, including prenatal trauma
* expanding consciousness or mindfulness and the connection to Self.
* providing support during life transitions and change processes
* providing support in situations of burnout, anxiety or depression
* empowering clients with effective methods of self-care for their healing journeys.

Counseling by Katie
Address: 319 Royal Drive
Bailey, CO 80421
First Name: Katherine
Last Name: Meloan
Gender: Female
Title: Psychotherapist
Specialties: Counseling, Death and Dying, Gestalt Therapy, Grief Counseling, Life Transitions, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, Stress Management, Transpersonal Psychology, Trauma Release Therapy, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Phobias
Degree(s): Masters in Clinical Counseling, Adams State University, 2014
Certifications: Masters in Clinical Counseling, Nationally Certified Counselor, and Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate
Business Phone: 719 588 2136
Other Phone: 303 838 4943
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Counseling/Psychotherapy
Long Business Description:

The usual counseling practice, although I specialize in LGBT issues, internalized oppression, trauma, and spirituality.

Denver Tobacco Clinic
Address: 1017 South Gaylord St
Denver, CO 80209
First Name: Frank
Last Name: Oden
Suffix: TTS, NLP, CH
Gender: Male
Title: Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS), Certified Hypnotherapist (CH)
Specialties: Addictions/Recovery, Coaching, Counseling, Creativity, Existential Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Transitions, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Other Specialty, Smoking Cessation
Certifications: Tobacco Treatment Specialist - ATTUD Certified Hypnotherapist - NGH NLP Master Trainer - NFNLP
Business Email: frank@hypnosmoke.com
Business Website: http://www.hypnosmoke.com
Business Phone: (303) 246-0354
Other Phone: 303 246-0354
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Clinical Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Certified Hypnotherapist and former 30-year heavy smoker Frank Oden provides private coaching, corporate programs and public “HypNoSmoke” seminars. Kicking butts in Denver since 2005!
Long Business Description:

The Denver Tobacco Clinic - home of the original HypNoSmoke method - offers a full range of nicotine and THC cessation counseling modalities. Combining the "mental potential" of Neurolinguistics (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Motivational Interviewing with Cognitive/Behavioral techniques and evidence-based Clinical Tobacco Treatment strategies, Frank Oden has created an innovative multi-modal approach -- a uniquely flexible toolkit of best practices from every field.

With a 30 year past as a heavy tobacco and marijuana smoker, 13 years as a stop-smoking clinician and hypnotherapist, a 40 year career in public speaking, 15,000 clinical hours coaching individual smokers and over 100 public seminars, Denver psychotherapist, tobacco cessation expert and NLP master trainer Frank Oden combines Neuro-Linguistic persuasion skills with proven cognitive behavioral techniques in a compelling interpersonal process that has guided thousands of former nicotine and THC users to rapid and lasting success.

As clinician, speaker, author and coach, Oden is a skilled communicator of the true nature of smoking, the intricacies of "the smoker mindset," principles of positive psychology and stoic / existential philosophy, and the role of intentional language constructs in self-directed behavior change.

Life Talk
Address: 6300 East Hampden Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80222
First Name: Maria
Last Name: Munoz
Gender: Female
Title: Psychotherapist
Specialties: Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Child Educational Advocacy.
Degree(s): Bachelor of Socio-Legal Studies, Minor of Communication
Licensure(s): Registered Psychotherapy, Nursing Assistant.
Certifications: Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Theory in Mental Health Services
Additional Training: Certified Addiction Counseling, Certification of Completion Child Advocate Training, Certification of Completion Victim Advocate Training, American Heart Association eCard Code - 185504146436
Types of Therapy: General Psychotherapy, Client-Centered therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Reality Therapy, Adlerian Psychotherapy, Analytical Psychotherapy, Journaling, Rational-Emotive Therapy.
Therapeutic Situation: Individual
Age: Toddlers / Preschoolers (0 to 6), Children (7 to 10), Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13), Adolescents (14 to 19), Adults
Sexuality: Bisexual, Gay, Heterosexual, Lesbian, Transgender
Language: English
Business Email: lifetalkdenver@gmail.com
Business Phone: 720-492-4455
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Life doesn't discriminate, and Maria understands that. Throughout life's unpredictable circumstances, every individual has their own way of coping, Maria will work with you to discover and understand your triggers and help you establish coping skills.
Long Business Description:

Maria has an extensive background of working with high-risk children and families within the home as well as educational settings. She has advanced professional based experience as an Acute Care Certified Nursing Assistant and is currently a Behavioral Health Technician working primarily within a Detoxification setting. Maria is currently earning her professional hours as a Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC II) and is registered with the Colorado Department of Regulations (DORA) as A Registered Psychotherapist. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Socio-Legal Studies with a minor in Communication From The University of Denver, as well as a Certification of Contemporary Theory in Mental Health Services from Capella University. ​

Maria created Life Talk Therapy to bring forth awareness of how therapy no longer needs to be a “Taboo” subject. Bringing self awareness and education to the forefront is the first step of stepping out of the darkness that surrounds mental health and addictions. Maria strives to help children and families understand and resolve problems, modify behavior, and make positive changes in their lives. I am proud to bring the vision of hope in which I seek to educate and empower clients through open therapy.

What is Psychotherapy? Psychotherapy or talk therapy, is a way to help people with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties. Psychotherapy can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms so a person can function better and can increase well-being and healing

What is a Behavioral Health Technician? A behavioral health technician assist with the treatment of patients who have various behavioral problems, such as substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, mental instability and physical and emotional abuse

Sliding Scale: Yes
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card
Accepts Insurance: Yes
Lotusbrg LLC
Address: 3043 Stevens Cir N
Erie, CO 80516
First Name: Chuck
Last Name: Evans
Gender: Male
Specialties: Counseling, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Other Specialty, Pain Management, Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Thought Field Therapy, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Treatment of Eating Disorders, Weight Loss, Bereavement, Better Sleep, Grief Counseling, Anxiety Disorders, Chronic Pain Control, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Insomnia, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Coaching, Addictions/Recovery, Cellular Healing
Degree(s): Statistics
Certifications: TFT-Advanced Certification, Emotion Code, Body Code, Animal Communication
Business Email: lotusbrg@msn.com
Business Phone: 303.665.2269
Other Phone: 303.665.2269
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: I work with humans and animals using : thought field therapy, comprehensive energy psychology, bio-energetic synchronization, emotion code, body code and animal communication
Long Business Description:

Thought Field Therapy,EFT, comprehensive energy psychology, bio-energetic synchronization, Emotion Code, Body Code - can work with people and animals over the phone: long distance or on Skype.

I have experience work with PTSD, stress, trauma, anxiety, grief,depression, phobias, toxins, addictions, pain and other chronic conditions - like MS, nerve pain, migraines, chronic pain,insomnia...
Find me on : QuantumEnergyHealing.co

I use other energy work to balance the system as well- chakra clearing, meridian testing, health and nutrition to help with chronic conditions

I also work with animals.

Video Counseling: SKYPE - LotusBRG
Go Intuition, Inc.
Address: PO Box 18409
Golden, Colorado 80402
First Name: Greg
Last Name: Meyerhoff
Suffix: CCHt, CPC
Gender: Male
Title: Intuitive Success Coach
Specialties: Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Stress Management, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Death and Dying, Mediation
Degree(s): BA Business
Certifications: Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Professional Life Coach, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Trainer
Business Email: greg@gointuition.com
Business Phone: 303-278-9585
Business Fax: 303-474-3071
Other Phone: 303-278-9585
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Intuitive Success Coach helps you clear your energy and the energy of your business so you can focus and achieve success at work and at home. Offices in Denver, phone sessions worldwide. 303-278-9585, GoIntuition.com TranspersonalHypnotherapy.com
Long Business Description:

Intuitive Success Coach helps you clear your energy and the energy of your business so you can focus and achieve success at work and at home. Offices in Denver, phone sessions worldwide. Call 303-278-9585, visit www.GoIntuition.com and www.TranspersonalHypnotherapy.com. Served as CAP Board Member 2004-2007. Award winning author, with Anne Salisbury, PhD, of The Path of Intuition: Your Guidebook for Life's Journey

Avail Psychotherapy, LLC
Address: 1111 Washington Ave, Suite 212
Golden, CO 80007
First Name: Ashlee
Last Name: Ackelson
Gender: Female
Title: Counselor
Specialties: Addictions/Recovery, Anxiety Disorders, Counseling, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Life Transitions, Psychotherapy, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias
Degree(s): BS in Neuroscience and Psychology, Masters in Social Work, Masters in Addiction Counseling
Licensure(s): Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Addiction Counselor, Colorado Registered Psychotherapist
Therapeutic Situation: Individual
Business Phone: 303-828-6869
Long Business Description:

Individual psychotherapy with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that focuses on connection, change, and personal development.