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Rosann Messere MA, LPCC
Address: 844 Main Street Suite 203
Louisville, Colorado 80027
First Name: Rosann
Last Name: Messere
Suffix: MA LPCC
Gender: Female
Title: Psychotherapist
Specialties: Counseling, Couples/Relationships Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Life Transitions, Psychotherapy, Sexual Abuse Treatment
Degree(s): MA
Licensure(s): LPCC
Additional Training: AEP
Business Phone: 303-549-4257
Other Phone: 303-549-4257
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Existential Psychotherapy
Long Business Description:

Psychotherapy, Counseling in Louisville. For more information, see our website at tangledrootscounseling.com

Core Healing Arts
Address: 75 Manhattan Dr.
Boulder, CO 80303
First Name: Robyn
Last Name: Hubbard
Suffix: DMin
Gender: Female
Title: Psychotherapy
Specialties: Bereavement, Body Centered Psychotherapy, Counseling, Death and Dying, Grief Counseling, Jungian Therapy/Analysis, Life Transitions, Massage Therapy, Reiki, Spiritual Counseling
Degree(s): Doctor of Ministry - Wisdom Spirituality Master of Physical Therapy
Certifications: Certified Bereavement Counselor Certified Dreamwork Facilitator Certified Massage Therapist
Additional Training: Completed many trainings Biosomatics, SomaSource (movement based healing and rite of passage work), Authentic Movement with Tina Stromsted, experienced in 5Rhythms dance practice
Business Phone: 970-319-6854
Other Phone: 970-319-6854
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Robyn Hubbard, DMin offers spiritual counseling specializing in dreamwork, growth and evolution, grief and loss, end of life transitions and thresholds of all kinds, with an emphasis on body-centered awareness.
Long Business Description:

Robyn Hubbard, D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry) is a spiritual companion, grief counselor, certified dream work facilitator, bodyworker and a well-resourced guide into the depths of Self where we access our jewels of transformation and soul growth.

Her work involves spiritual inquiry that includes dialogue, body-centered awareness and movement practices, and the exploration of dream material that is symbolically represented through our sleeping and waking dreamscapes. Robyn’s broad background of inter-spiritual teachings (from many different traditions and lineages) combined with dreamwork, body-mind healing and movement-centered exploration offers a soulful approach to self-discovery. Her work is informed by training in Biosomatics, SomaSource®, Authentic Movement, inspiration from 5Rhythms Dance®, along with a broad array of dream perspectives and Jungian study.

Robyn emphasizes somatic awareness in all of her work by tuning in to the body’s wisdom to create an environment of curiosity, explore messages emerging from the unconscious and integrate in our waking minds what is coming forth from our dreams and waking life experience.

If we allow the natural awakening of the soul to evolve while attuning to our mind's ability to notice sensation and change, we are more directly guided on our path of soulful living. Through the combination of these woven inquiries, Robyn and her clients explore the wild nature of our inner world and how it inter-plays with and informs our waking life experience.

Video Counseling: FaceTime, Skype
Real Inner Healing Psychotherapy LLC
Address: n/a
n/a, n/a 80907
First Name: Jason
Last Name: Walker
Gender: Male
Specialties: Addictions/Recovery, Anger Management, Anxiety Disorders, Body Centered Psychotherapy, Coaching, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Gestalt Therapy, Highly Sensitive People (HSP), Inner Child Therapy, Life Transitions, Men's Work, Other Specialty, Psychotherapy, Sexual Abuse Treatment, Shamanic Journeys, Stress Management, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Weight Loss
Degree(s): BS and BA
Licensure(s): Registered Psychotherapist
Certifications: Level 3 Training (360) in Internal Family Systems (IFS)
Additional Training: Motivational Interviewing and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy at Bastyr University
Business Phone: (719) 581-9767
Other Phone: 7194749710
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: With curiosity, clarity, and calm we can make a journey of creativity and courage together to bring connectedness and compassion to the parts of you that need it the most.
Long Business Description:

Years ago, I set out on a journey to understand how the human mind can heal, particularly when exposed to negative experiences that create lasting inner pain. This exploration delved into the study of the humanities and human biology, but I have found that trauma healing is the most integral piece of the puzzle when it comes to helping people create lasting positive change. This aspect of your life is what my work here is designed to focus upon and heal.

I have trained in all three levels of Internal Family Systems Therapy, my level 3 training was led by Dick Schwartz in Washington.

I love that this therapeutic model creates space to address the concerns that might come up about therapy itself, that it uncovers discoveries of insight for clients when used for addressing the here and now, and that the process naturally unfolds itself into the promise of fully unburdening the places where the bio-psycho-social pain is held in a persons system.

In my practice, I am passionate about bringing forth body-mind-spirit healing.

Video Counseling: Phone sessions
Address: 1140 Lehigh
Boulder, CO 80305
First Name: Betty
Last Name: Cannon
Gender: Female
Specialties: Body Centered Psychotherapy, Counseling, Gestalt Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, Other Specialty, Psychotherapy
Business Email: 123bettyjo@gmail.com
Business Phone: (303) 494-0393
Business Fax: (303) 494-0393
Other Phone: 303 494-0393
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Counseling
Foundations Counseling LLC
Address: 1635 Foxtrail Drive
Loveland, CO 80538
First Name: Phillip
Last Name: Hartwick
Gender: Male
Title: Counselor
Specialties: Child & Adolescent Therapy, Counseling, Couples/Relationships Therapy, Family Counseling/Therapy, Sexual Abuse Treatment, Spiritual Counseling, Stress Management, Addictions/Recovery, Anxiety Disorders
Business Email: pwhartwick@gmail.com
Business Phone: 17206927339
Other Phone: 17206927339
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Marriage and Family Counseling
Long Business Description:

Counseling for teens, adults, individuals and couples from all walks of life.

Address: 80 Garden Center, Suite 133
First Name: Susan
Last Name: Lennox
Suffix: PhD, CPC, JD
Gender: Female
Title: Certified Professional Coach & Registered Psychotherapist
Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Body Centered Psychotherapy, Coaching, Existential Therapy, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Inner Child Therapy, Life Transitions, Other Specialty, Psychotherapy, Stress Management, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias
Degree(s): PhD, Human Development MA, Organizational Development Juris Doctorate (JD), Law BA, Sociology
Certifications: Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Certified Focusing Professional
Additional Training: Internal Family Systems, Levels I & II Focusing Certifying Coordinator ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)
Business Email: susan@susanlennox.com
Business Website: https://susanlennox.com
Business Phone: 617-957-0798
Other Phone: 617-957-0798
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: I offer coaching and psychotherapy approaches to help you move forward. My primary modalities are Focusing and Internal Family Systems.
Long Business Description:

Are you stuck? Can't seem to get clear on your next steps in life or maintain your motivation and momentum to achieve your goals? Are you overwhelmed by mountains of conflicting demands, leaving you unfocused, exhausted, frustrated, and depressed? Do indecision, fear, and doubt paralyze you? Perhaps you sense that old patterns of behavior, thought and feelings block your way. You fear you just don't have what it takes to have the balanced and fulfilling professional and personal life you long for. This can change. You deserve to be the best YOU you can be. I can help.

I offer coaching and psychotherapy approaches to help you move forward. Coaching enables you to articulate your authentic professional and life goals and develop a realistic and motivating plan of action to carry you forward. Targeted psychotherapy can uncover and address the hidden obstacles to your fulfillment and success.

I offer a subspecialty in workplace issues. Drawing on my training and experience in executive coaching, organizational development and employment law, I can help you to work through organizational and workplace challenges. I also help individuals who are burned out or dissatisfied with their current job to find more fulfilling career paths forward.

Video Counseling: Zoom for Telehealth, phone
Address: 12101 E 2nd Ave #101
Aurora, CO 80011
First Name: Reo
Last Name: Leslie
Suffix: Jr.
Gender: Male
Specialties: Addictions/Recovery, Body Centered Psychotherapy, Child & Adolescent Therapy, Couples/Relationships Therapy, Jungian Therapy/Analysis, Spiritual Counseling
Business Email: leslieinstitute@cs.com
Business Phone: 720-253-4831
Business Fax: 720-859-2970
Other Phone: 720-253-4831
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Counseling
Long Business Description:

Professional Occupational School for mental health professionals to earn licensure and clinical certifications.

Affiliated Therapists
Address: 24000 Hwy 40
Golden, CO 80401
First Name: Faith
Last Name: Donaldson
Gender: Female
Title: Psychotherapist
Specialties: Counseling, Couples/Relationships Therapy, Cults/Occult, Family Counseling/Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, Psychotherapy, Sexual Abuse Treatment, Spiritual Counseling
Business Email: faithatheart@hotmail.com
Business Phone: 303-643-8643
Business Fax: 303-526-1669
Other Phone: 303-526-5262
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Life is meant to be lived not endured; but often the circumstances of life can sidetrack us from this truth. Through the process of overcoming these obstacles a gateway opens that guides us back to the life we were created to live.
Long Business Description:

Affiliated Therapists

Avail Psychotherapy, LLC
Address: 1111 Washington Ave, Suite 212
Golden, CO 80007
First Name: Ashlee
Last Name: Ackelson
Gender: Female
Title: Counselor
Specialties: Addictions/Recovery, Anxiety Disorders, Counseling, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Life Transitions, Psychotherapy, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias
Degree(s): BS in Neuroscience and Psychology, Masters in Social Work, Masters in Addiction Counseling
Licensure(s): Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Addiction Counselor, Colorado Registered Psychotherapist
Therapeutic Situation: Individual
Business Phone: 303-828-6869
Long Business Description:

Individual psychotherapy with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that focuses on connection, change, and personal development.

Front Range Hypnotherapy
Address: 4900 S Ulster St Apt 4-105
Denver, CO 80237
First Name: Ed
Last Name: Bostick
Gender: Male
Title: Psychotherapist
Specialties: Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Pain Management, Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Weight Loss, Anger Management, Anxiety Disorders, Better Sleep, Chronic Pain Control, Coaching, Grief Counseling, Life Transitions, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Psychotherapy, Trauma Release Therapy, Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias
Degree(s): MPA, Public Health Policy, Virginia Commonwealth University ​
Certifications: Education and training: ​ International Board of Hypnotherapy Certified 2018 Hypnotherapy Academy of America Diploma CHT 2018 NLP Practitioner, NLP of the Rockies 2017 CCHt, Denver School of Hypnotherapy 2009 ​ CO License #: NLC.0012052 In practice since: 2008 Board Member: Colorado Association of Hypnotherapists
Additional Training: Hypnotherapy Academy of America Andreas NLP Trainings seminars and workshops
Business Email: edincodo@gmail.com
Business Phone: 303-968-9893
Other Phone: 303-968-9893
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: I equip you with the right set of tools to overcome your personal and professional challenges. Whether you are struggling with workplace stress, achieving personal and professional goals, or stopping bad habits and addictions; call 303-968-9893
Long Business Description:

Registered Psychotherapist
Specializing in clinical hypnotherapy and practical hypnosis

Video Counseling: ZOOM