What Is A Registered Psychotherapist?

A Registered Psychotherapist (RP) is a mental health professional registered with the State of Colorado for the practice of psychotherapy.  Registration is one of five types of regulation for mental health professionals under Colorado law. Applicants for Registration must prove their identity, file their professional contact information, degrees earned, therapeutic orientation, and years of experience. Additionally, applicants must pass a Jurisprudence test on Colorado Mental Health Law and are screened for any prior disciplinary actions, arrests, or criminal convictions in any state. RPs are required to follow the state’s mandatory disclosure guidelines with clients and follow HIPAA privacy requirements with client records. RPs are prohibited from the activities listed in CO Rev Stat § 12-43-222 (2016). Like the other five mental health disciplines, RPs have a regulatory board to make rules about clinical practice, process complaints and administer discipline if appropriate.

Additional information about Registered Psychotherapists in the state of Colorado can be found at https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/dora/Psychotherapists.  

The Board of Registered Psychotherapists Rules are found in CRR734-1.