April 16, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Boulder Psychotherapy Institute
1140 Lehigh St
Boulder, CO 80305
$10.00 USD Regular Tickets
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Carol O'Dowd, President CAP

CAP Boulder: Breakfast Talk: Mary Sue Moore, PhD, on Surviving Attachment Relationships

Speaker: Mary Sue Moore, Ph.D.
Topic: Surviving Attachment Relationships
Traumatic Attachments—commonly labeled “D”– are neither Disorganized nor Disoriented. Instead, they are reactively Amygdala-Organized for survival. The presentation will include some treatment implications of this crucial understanding for therapists working with patients with a trauma history.
Location: Talk is at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute: 1140 Lehigh Street, Boulder, CO 80305. Here’s a link with Directions: https://www.boulderpsych.com/directions.php. You can register at the Colorado Association for Psychotherapists website. Again please do not park in front of houses on the block.  Park across the street on the south side of Bear Creek Park.
Important: Please park across the street on the south side of Bear Creek Park. This is a residential neighborhood, and we need to keep the neighbors happy. 
Speaker Bio: Mary Sue Moore is a licensed clinical psychologist & psychotherapist, with a background in educational psychology and school psychology. Her interests include the impact of trauma in children’s drawings, and chronic illness in children and adults with a history of relational trauma. She studied with Dr. John Bowlby, researching these topics, from 1985-1990, at the Tavistock Clinic, in London. She has held a teaching position as a visiting lecturer and honorary senior psychotherapist in the Child & Family Department of the Tavistock, since that time.
Register at www.coloradopsychotherapists.org/calendar and select this event or call Carol O’Dowd, CAP President, at (720) 244-2299. 

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