March 19, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Boulder Psychotherapy Institute
1140 Lehigh St
Boulder, CO 80305
Carol O'Dowd, President CAP

EVENT CANCELED DUE TO Corona Virus Concerns!

CAP Boulder: Breakfast Talk: Jane Seaton, PhD, on Artlife™ – Creative practices for processing challenged times of fertile chaos

Speaker: Jane Seaton, PhD
Topic: Creative practices for processing challenged times of fertile chaos

This presentation will share techniques for how to incorporate creative practices into your clients’ therapeutic journeys to support processing complex reactions and responses to the current state of our world. You will discover ways to guide your clients in mindful and/or spontaneous practices, via diverse visual, written, movement and Artlife exercises. Regardless of previous artistic experience, many clients can potentially benefit from processing their current needs and responses related to contemporary worldwide transitions in one or more of these ways. No prior training in guiding creative process is needed to explore facilitating this approach to integration and healing. The presentation will include information about a range of approaches tailored to individual clients and a hands-on practical experience of Artlife process.  

Location: Talk is at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute: 1140 Lehigh Street, Boulder, CO 80305. Here’s a link with Directions: https://www.boulderpsych.com/directions.php. You can register at the Colorado Association for Psychotherapists website. Again please do not park in front of houses on the block.  Park across the street on the south side of Bear Creek Park.
Important: Please park across the street on the south side of Bear Creek Park. This is a residential neighborhood, and we need to keep the neighbors happy. 
Speaker Bio: Jane Seaton, PhD is a multimedia artist and long-time creativity guide, as well as having been a holistic psychotherapist in private practice for 30 years. She developed the concept of Artlife™ and is the Sounds True author of Artlife: Creative Journeys for Life Healingwww.artlifecreation.com / dr.janesea@artlifecreation.com / 720 434 4746
Register at www.coloradopsychotherapists.org/calendar and select this event or call Carol O’Dowd, CAP President, at (720) 244-2299. 

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